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Art is a way of expressing human emotions and imagination. I have chosen sculpting as a means of expressing myself. My work, which is the result of my inner world, is inspired by meaningful events in my life, as seen through my eyes.

I have tried to represent nature, as well as life’s beauty, peace, brilliance and joy. I have expressed all of these positive feelings through the faces and the physical expressions of my sculptures, in order to show the perfect harmony between nature and life.

Each bronze sculpture immortalizes a life event. I have tried to see it through the eyes of the art lover to open his or her imagination so that he or she can find a piece of himself/herself in each of my sculptures.

As a first impression, you’ll notice that my sculptures have a common theme. They all show life’s positive aspects. However, a closer look reveals that each sculpture is a story by itself. I hope they will be your magical journey and that you’ll find a piece of yourself in each sculpture.

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